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Historical representations in film and television productions were and are an essential component in the media landscape. At the same time the military aspect is also gaining share in productions and is becoming increasingly important. This is true not only for film productions, but also for the coverage on television, in print media and for fiction and documentary in the field of literature. In all these areas, it depends on a realistic and detailed representation.

Are you looking for a qualified partner for your future project?

Mil-Consulting is dedicated to, among other things, the authentic display of military and historical content in film and television productions. Our services range from the scientific research, actor coaching to production support.


Why military and historical advice?

To reproduce historical and above all, military material, you will need historians, military experts, specific equipment and much more.

With us you get all this from one source. Our network staff is recruited from historians and veteran soldiers, all with years of experience in their field.
We are also working with renowned designers of props and equipment.

Who is our target audience?

The company’s offer is aimed at firms, but also private persons who request a military or historical research or consulting. The range of services is aimed especially at production companies in the field of film and television, studios of synchronization but also to publishers and journalists.

Authors can check with us the authenticity of their manuscripts. Individuals can feel addressed by our offer too. We are happy to assist you in genealogy or archival research on family members.